Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Time check, it’s 6:00 am.
We planned to go to gym at 7:00am today before taking our breakfast. The buffet breakfast starts at 7:30am and ends at 9:30am. The breakfast is included in the hotel package we booked in But it turns out that the gym opens at 8:00am. Sad.
Instead of hanging around the gym and being upset that we didn’t checked the opening hours (as we were really tired yesterday), we checked out other places and took some lovely photos of the early morning sunshine, as it is a bit early for breakfast. The nice scent of the beach and the cool breeze of the morning make it a good place to start the day.
After enjoying the scenery and serenity of the morning, we walked towards the Bageecha Restaurant (Main Restaurant for guests occupying the Beach Bungalow). The restaurant serves continental, local & international cuisine so you can choose on the variety of their menu. It is beside the Fukuya Teppanyaki (Japanese Restaurant) and the Daavani Restaurant (Coffee Shop).
They are also offering other packages that couples can enjoy, but we didn’t avail any of it. But you might want to try them so I summarized it below:
Special BBQ night on the beach
Every Friday at 19:00  (Live Band)
USD 59 for Bed & Breakfast Guests
USD 39 for half board and full board & all-inclusive guests
Oriental Night Experience
Get ready for a romantic oriental night experience at yoga hut, an ultimate location for pure romance and relaxation.
USD 300 net/ couple (including a bottle of sparkling wine)
Seafood Barbeque Buffet at Farumathi Restaurant
USD 100 net/ person (including a bottle of sparkling wine and water)
Seafood Lunch Adventure on the Sea
Menu 1: USD 198 net/ couple (including a bottle of sparkling wine and water)
Menu 2: USD 158 net/ couple (including a bottle of sparkling wine and water)
Menu 3: USD 178 net/ couple (including a bottle of sparkling wine and water)
Digging Dinner
A unique an unforgettable romantic digging dinner on the edge of the sea and pristine white beach under the sparkling stars.
USD 300 net/ couple (including a bottle of sparkling wine)
Once we were full, we checked out some excursion packages. I must admit that the packages were quite expensive. But they have group excursion which will minimize the expenses, with a minimum of 8 persons. 
Excursion programs

Watersports board
Nevertheless, we go for a canoe rent for USD 10.00 (double) and book for a snorkeling lesson (USD 36 per person/an hour) for tomorrow as the lesson for today have already finished. We were scheduled for Canoeing at 10:30am so we have time to put on our swimming gear and sunblock lotion. We went to the Water Sports Centre and they assisted us in our Canoe. I am not new in paddling, so I enjoyed it. One hour is enough to enjoy the view and to strengthen your muscle J
Athiri Bar

Me Canoeing
In the afternoon we tried their table tennis, although I don’t know how to play, but my husband patiently taught me. He was exhausted after we played as he is always running after the ball (hahaha). We also tried the swimming pool; the water was warm and I cannot smell any chlorine (which I usually smell on pools). Only few people are using it during that time. It is also recommended to chill in this area when the sun is at its peak. We were able to take a nap after swimming as the environment invites sleep. It is energizing J
Table tennis area

Around 3:00pm, a Filipino duo performed beside the swimming pool. It is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the music while the sun is setting in, with refreshment on the side; it is such a delightful feeling…
Swimming pool

Sunset in the swimming pool area

Filipino duo singing sweetly
We had our dinner in Bageecha restaurant. The dinner buffet cost USD 50.00 per person. We noticed many different nationalities enjoying the various foods the restaurant offers. We take our time as we enjoy our food while observing other people and talking things over dinner. We were full after our dinner so we take a stroll in the boardwalk under the starry night, it was so romantic. J
The rest of the day was actually a lazy day. We just feel the environment and enjoy the scenery. We are excited for the snorkeling for tomorrow. I thank God that we experienced this kind of peaceful vacation.
God bless us more J

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