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After taking our breakfast, we immediately set out to the Water Sports Centre. We were a bit late in our snorkeling lesson but there were also other couples who came late, so we have to wait for them. We were four couples in total.

Doing the lessons as instructed :)

Clear water facing the Water Sports Centre

Snorkeling near the deep sea
I learned a lot during our snorkeling lesson, I thought that it would be boring but it turned out to be a fun experience. Initially, I was worried that I don’t know how to use the equipment. I am still inhaling and exhaling through my nose which should not be, I should breathe using my mouth. It takes a while before I was able to do that.
We were able to see coral reefs and different kinds of fishes. I think an hour of snorkeling lesson is enough and you can get the feel of it. If you want to experience the deep water snorkeling they also offer this kind of package.
This is the first time that I was able to swim in the white sand and it is soooo amazingly beautiful (yesterday we didn’t swim in the beach). I didn’t notice the white fishes swimming near us until I wear my snorkeling goggles because of the white sand. The water is crystal clear that you can see almost anything in the water. The sea water was not salty and not irritating in the skin, even if we swim at almost noon time, the water feels nice.
Playing at the white sand

Footprints in the sand :)
Aside from Canoe rent and snorkeling lessons, there are other water sports and excursion programs that are available for you to enjoy your vacation, so you might want to try the following:
Water Sports/ Excursion Programs
Snorkeling (2 hours)
10:00am – 12:00pm
USD 32.00/ person minimum of 8 persons or USD
Snorkeling trips to nearby reefs are conducted every day.
Snorkeling equipment’s are available from The Aqua Zone or are available to purchase from souvenir shop.
Island Hopping
Full day, 09:00am – 15:30pm
USD 86.24/ person minimum of 8 persons or USD
On full day trip you will visit a Resort, local island& snorkeling point.
Lunch will be provided from the fishing village.
On the way back to the resort, you will be taken to the snorkeling point for swimming.
You are advised to take your snorkeling equipment’s with you.
Island Hopping
Half day, 14:00pm – 17:00pm
USD 55.44/ person minimum of 8 persons or USD
Half day island hopping consists of visiting a resort and one local island.
Please dress modestly while visiting local island.
Night Fishing
18:00pm – 20:30pm
USD 49.28/ person minimum of 8 persons
USD 12.32/ person for preparing fish
Morning fishing
06:00am – 09:00am
USD 80.08/ person minimum of 8 persons
USD 12.32/ person for preparing fish
Morning & Night fishing are arranged on daily basis.
Fishing hooks and lines are available on the Dhoni (local motorized boat).
If you wish to have a BBQ from your catch, please identify your fish and make a reservation at Daavani (Coffee Shop) when you return from fishing.
Big Game Fishing
Morning (5 hour & 30 mins/ 1-3 pax)
Afternoon  (4 hour/ 1-3 pax)
Full day (8 hours/ 1-3 pax)
Additional person (per Adult)
Additional person (per Child)
USD 739.00
USD 601.00
USD 980.00
USD 22.00
USD 11.00
Dolphin Sunset Cruise
17:00pm – 18:00pm
USD 49.28/ person minimum of 8 persons
Relax and enjoy one hour ride on a Dhoni while you watch the beautiful tropical sunset, sipping away your favorite cocktail.
Cocktail can be chosen from the selection of cocktail on the boat.
Photo Flight by Sea Plane (15 mins)
USD 162.62/ Adult
USD 156.46/ Child
Photo flight is a 15 minutes journey by sea plane; you can take photographs of beautiful islands and coral reefs.
A speed boat transfer is arranged from resort to airport and return, where the Seaplane flight will take place.
Hotel representatives will assist you at the airport.
Submarine Trip (45 mins)
USD 162.62/ Adult
USD 81.31/ Child
Explore the underwater in perfect safety.
A Dhoni is arranged from Resort to Submarine dock & return.
Male Excursion
09:00am – 12:30pm
USD 55.44
Visit the capital city of Maldives.
Hotel representatives will assist you in site seeing, shopping etc.
Please be modestly dressed while visiting Male City.
Heaven Adventure
(For twin share)
USD 412.00
Package includes Jet Ski (30 mins); Fun tube  (10 mins); Snorkeling trip (120 mins); Parasailing (1o mins); Sup Board (60 mins); Glass bottom boat (60 mins)
Paradise Explorer
(For twin share)
USD 289.00
Package includes Jet Ski (15 mins); Fun tube  (10 mins); Snorkeling lesson (60 mins); Sailing (6o mins); Canoeing (60 mins); Dolphin Safari (60 mins)
Ultimate Adventure
Single share
Twin Share
USD 290.00
USD 580.00
Package includes Sea Bob (15 mins); Jet Surf lesson (30 mins); Jet Blade lesson (40 mins); Wake board, knee board, water ski lesson or Sup Ski (25 mins)
Standup Paddle
Lesson (1 Hour)
Rental (1 Hour)
USD 15.00/ hour
USD 10.00/ hour (USD 7.00/additional hour)
Basic Course (8 Hours)
Fun Course (4 Hours)
Private Lesson (90 minutes)
International Basic License
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
Windsurfing Package
10 Hours
USD 194.00
USD 117.00
USD 55.00
USD 50.00
USD 19.00
USD 31.00
USD 43.00
USD 117.00
Dinghy Sailing
Private Lesson (90 Minutes)
(Sailing around the coast)
1-2 Pax (1 Hour)
1-2 Pax (2 Hours)
1-2 Pax (3 Hours)
USD 39.00/ person
USD 27.00
USD 49.00
USD 19.00/ hour              
After swimming for a while, we head out to our room to arrange our things. The speed boat will pick us up at 12:30pm so we have to be ready for check out. Upon checking out, they calculated all the bills we incurred during our stay. Another good thing about our stay is that we don’t need to carry cash because it will all be charged upon checked out. They just ask our room number and sign a receipt to confirm that we did the purchase.
While waiting for the final bill, we looked at the resort’s souvenir shop to buy some things to remind us of Maldives. I thought that their price was high until we reached the duty free, which triples the price. So it is better to buy in the island’s souvenir shop than purchase in duty free, although the choices are limited and the designs are average, but the prices are cheaper. Anyway, it all depends on your budget.
We reached the airport on time.  The airport was small and there is limited choices in the duty free mostly souvenir items, the only available outlet there is Burger King (fast food chain), The Coffee Club (coffee shop) and Dairy Queen (ice cream store), just enough for a stop over place.
Overall, we had a wonderful time with my husband. We enjoyed the place and its beauty. I hope that you could also visit this lovely place. My husband also told me while watching and listening to the sound of the waves, that the work of the Lord is magnificent; He makes simple things extraordinarily beautiful.
God bless us more J
P.S. please note that the activities and prices mentioned here were available/ applicable at the time of posting this blog, it may vary when you visit the place, however, you can make this price as a guideline.
“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  – Psalm 19:1

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